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My Disability Sport SA

MDSSA is an organization founded and solely operating in South Australia.
Daily we provide personalized NDIS client Community services throughout Adelaide and regional areas.
All of our clients and support workers will receive personalized matching services allowing everyone to live a life of character and abundance.

Personalized Matching Support Services

We understand that each client is unique and have specific needs and interests. During our induction we spend time with each client to assure that their NDIS Support Plans are matched with the most compatible support worker(s) and MDSSA community services allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.


As our client we deliver personalised services through a customised program for all eligible NDIS clients. Through our meet and greet we support you to identify your aspirations and services needed leading to introduce you to our trusted circle of support ensuring you to live your life without limits.

  • Personalised Support Plan
  • Matching Support Workers
  • Setting Lifestyle Goals


Regularly we will host on and offline events supporting our growing community of clients and support workers. These events are a great way to get to know us and others personally, ask any questions and discover the latest about our support services.

  • Daily Life Training
  • SA Community Event
  • Sporting Events

Support workers

You are someone who looks after the well being of our clients in their daily lives. You help people living with different physical disabilities and mental health needs to live their lives more independently and support them to reach their potential by providing both physical and emotional support.

  • You are fully employed
  • Client Matching Support
  • Skill Development Support

Our Personalised Services

We also help sporting clubs, associations, and established programs which directly provide services to people living with a disability

Daily Life activities

Cleaning, shopping, transport, appointments, home maintenance.

Health and Wellness

Life, nutritional, fitness, self awareness planning and coaching.


Concerts, plays, theatres, musicals, group outings, live music events, dinners, accessible holidays.


Assist with purchasing the right equipment to help them support their daily life.

Increased Social and Community Participation

We assist you in setting lifestyle goals, meeting people and getting involved in the local community.

Employment Programs

We assist clients to find suitable work arrangements through our industry partners.

Short Term Accommodation

We organise short term accommodation packages.

Garden & Home Maintenance

Our gardening and maintenance team have trained people with a lived experience of disability to provide services for you. We work with you to brighten your garden and fix the things around the house.


I am 56 years old and have been an NDIS participant for two years. I was born legally blind and for years I have struggled to manage various parts of my life, such as getting from A to B, cleaning, gardening and home maintenance and accessing my interests and hobbies.When I got my NDIS funding, it was tricky at first working out how to use my budget. Since working with My Disability Sport South Australia they have helped me organise my support roster in order to get the most out of my life.

-Client – Tim Haggis, Colonel Light Gardens, SA

I have had to opportunity to complete the 12 weeks Harness the Power program and lost 17cm body fat and feel empowered thanks to MDSSA.I am in awe of the amount of support and opportunities that are available for no matter what disability to lead active and social lives. I am so excited to be able to travel the road and explore the new and wonder experiences with new and old clients.

– Angela, Adelaide SA

I am excited about being a support worker and I love the opportunities the NDIS has given me to work with people and provide support in a variety of ways. I am very active playing tennis and training for triathlons. As a musician I play in two bands, enjoy going to concerts, plays, musicals and live events as well as going on outings and meeting new people.I can support my clients with day to day tasks and I have a broad understanding of services and technology for people who are blind or vision impaired.

– Support Worker, Tim, Adelaide SA

50 pathways to 50 sports

Our VISION is to provide pathways to health,

well-being and sport for people with a disability

Cricket, Tennis, Rowing, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Athletics no matter the sport you want to try out or even excel in.

Our 50 pathways to 50 sports program is here to guide you every step of the way.


Part of our induction is to explore your sporting interests where we will support and introduce you to our trusted contacts with our sporting clubs partners in and around Adelaide.. Whether you are a starter, experienced or aspire to be a super star we will personally come alongside you and introduce you to an amazing group of sporting coaches and professionals.


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